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We make fancy cookies easy!  Our Fancy A Cookie kit provides everything you need to make delicious edible art of your own.  Decorate with your family and friends.  No experience necessary to become a cookie pro.

Delicious, creative fun for all ages

Mother, entrepreneur, and attorney Patti Foster was exploring her inner-artist in 2013 when she baked up a tasty business to make fancy cookie decorating the next sharable, spreadable, delicious art form. Inspired by every sip ’n’ paint experience, but frustrated with her growing closet of "art" that even her own mother rejected, Patti decided it was time for a fun, accessible, creative, artistic experience on an edible canvas.

For over 5 years, Patti brought the naked cookies, royal icing, easy-squeezy bottles, tools, easy-to-follow designs, and decorating tricks to Cookies Uncorked® parties all over Cincinnati and helped thousands of people create cookie art.  Attendees get to relax and experience the fun, social, joy of creating and sharing delicious art for friends and family that will never collect dust in the back of a closet.  (Even Patti’s mom gratefully accepts all cookies #truestory.)

Now we’re ready to spread cookie love farther and wider. Fancy a Cookie® is a cookie party-in-a-box containing Patti’s fresh-baked naked cookies, our reusable easy-squeezy bottles, our easy to follow designs, and our new pre-colored Royal Icing that is the secret to yummy, boutique-quality cookies. We do all the hard stuff, you have all the fun and get all the credit.

Cookies taste better when you decorate them yourself.  We hope to become part of your favorite occasions and can't wait to share the joy of decorating and eating gorgeous cookies with you, your family and friends.